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Home sports clubs (Bled Youth's Hockey Club, Bled Hockey and Ice Skating Club, Ice Skating Society Labod and Ice Skating Club Bled) have their regular training sessions in Bled Sports Hall. Bled Hockey and Ice Skating Club and many recreational hockey teams use this hall. Bled Sports Hall also hosts various national hockey teams several times a year. We are especially proud that Anže Kopitar, winner of the 2014 Stanley Cup, has part of his summer training sessions here. Regular users of the hall are also members of the Bled Curling Sports Club. The hall offers the opportunity to play broomball which is played on ice, but without skates.


Public ice hours are available from the end of October until the end of May. Schools can use special morning sessions for ice skating under the school sports education programme.


The hall occasionally hosts even sports that are not played on ice. In the past Bled Sports Hall hosted competitions in martial arts (taekwondo) and the 35th Chess Olympiad.