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Bled Sports Hall Rules

Bled Sports Hall can be used for all types of ice skating sports and public events in accordance with hall's rules.

  1. Practice groups and sports teams must be accompanied by an authorized manager or training session leader. After the training session or event hall users must immediately leave the ice rink and they have 30 minutes to leave changing rooms after the session.
  2. Entrance to the ice rink for recreational ice skating is only allowed with a valid ticket, season ticket or sports club membership card. Hall operator does not assume any responsibility with ticket sale for any damages, including pecuniary damage and personal injuries. Ticket misuse is not allowed and is punishable with removal from the hall by hall personnel. Hall personnel can check tickets at any time and collect a sum for one session ticket if you fail to show a valid ticket.
  3. During sessions for recreational ice skating hall users have ice rink and skate exchange area at their disposal. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied in the skate exchange area by an adult; however an adult can only use skate exchange area while waiting.
  4. The size of the ice rink available for ice skating is determined by the hall personnel. Hall personnel have the right to resurface and prepare ice, if necessary.
  5. Use of the ice area during resurfacing and ice area preparation is strictly prohibited.
  6. Participating users assume full responsibility for any risk of injury and property damage, including risk of injury to other participating users. To prevent injuries during recreational ice skating you are not allowed to:
    • Go on the ice without skates
    • Skate at excessive speed or skate in chains during public skating sessions
    • Skate in the opposite direction that the majority of other skaters are using or is determined by operator
    • Sit on the rink barrier
    • Throw snowballs
    • Smoke on ice or in the hall
    • Bring or drink any alcoholic beverages in the hall
    • Bring pets of any kind in the hall or on the ice area
    • Deliberately damage the ice area
    • Be on ice during resurfacing
    • Use hockey sticks
    • Practice any kind of dangerous games
  1. Any observed breaches of the Sports Hall Rules regarding the use of ice hall by the hall personnel are punishable with removal from the hall. In case of repeated and serious breaches of rules the operator can impose a long-term entry ban in the hall.
  2. Affected users can lodge a complaint against the disciplinary measures of the personnel.